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  • Come and Cheer our London Marathon Runners!

  • Published: Tue, 10th April 2018, 10:43:00 AM
  • Please join us at TOFS Cheering Points, London Marathon 2018, Sunday 22nd April

    This year we will be at one place, which the runners pass twice. We would be delighted if you could join us to support our runners. Our Cheering Point is on a main East-West route “The Highway”.  The runners pass this location just after 13.5 miles’ running and then again 21.5 miles along the course – very much towards the finish.

    Our Cheering Point will be within 100 metres of the pedestrian underpass crossing (of the Highway) at Glamis Road.  The location is shown with purple arrows on our map. The underpass makes it relatively easy to cross the Marathon route at this point.  This location is only 5-10 minutes’ walk from the DLR / Overground station at Shadwell. It is about 3/4 mile from Tower Hill tube and the Tower of London.  The map shows the station at Shadwell.  

    This part of London is mostly residential, with few facilities. In past years, a temporary outdoor café has been in operation in St Paul’s Churchyard on the south side of the Highway, very close to where we plan to be cheering.  There has also been a café with toilets set up in Glamis adventure playground in Glamis Road (just north of The Highway). That aside, there are a few shops and cafes close to Shadwell DLR / Overground stations.

    For the Marathon, the Highway is divided into two runners’ carriageways, as it were.  The Marathon route normally has crowd-control barriers at the sides and centre. Spectators cannot cross it, other than at the few proper crossing points. 

    For the first couple of hours (or until all the TOFS runners have passed the first time) we shall be on the south side of the road at our First Cheering Point.  Then we shall move to the north side to see them again at our Second Cheering Point.


    Runners – look for us on your right-hand side both times!

    You need to be on the right-hand side of the sea of runners when looking out for our both of our Cheering Points. This applies as you pass the cheering point on both occasions. We have large white TOFS logo banners which we expect to fix to the crowd barriers at leg-to-hip height and some above-head-height sail flags.



    The Marathon has several start times, for the various classes of athletes.  The organisers Virgin Money London Marathon predict that we should expect the wheelchair athletes to pass our First Cheering Point on the south side at 09:41, for instance.  The Elite Women runners are expected to pass here at 10.26 and the Elite Men at 11.03. 

    You don’t have to arrive by these times though, as the bulk of the runners will be later.  Working again from the Virgin Money London Marathon pace guide:

    • At our First Cheering Point (south side), runners aiming for a very respectable 3.5 hour finishing time should pass at 11:48, and these runners should pass our Second Cheering Point (north side) at 12:52.
    • At our First Cheering Point (south side), runners who are aiming for a slower 6 hour finishing time should pass at 13.05, and these runners should pass our Second Cheering Point (north side) at 14.56.


  • TOFS trustees John Pearce and Darrell Hill will have arrived at the First Cheering Point by 10 am.  They will get a banner or two set up on the north side, to reserve this banner etc space as it were, and then get the bulk of our banners and an above-headheight sailflag (see image) set up on the south side.  You are welcome to join us anytime from this time onwards.

    You can email us on the day if you can’t find us, or want to let us know you can’t come.

    Some final thoughts

    There is now a lot of information and guidance about the 2018 Marathon for spectators on the VMLM website: Nonetheless, TOFS might still need to let you know of a last minute update of some type, so please let us know if you plan to come.

    London gets very crowded on Marathon day.  Most roads near the Marathon route are closed, and the crowds are such that it even becomes difficult to walk in some areas. Getting into and out of DLR/tube stations anywhere near the route will be slow.  What’s more, for most of its 26 miles, the Marathon route can only be crossed at a limited number of designated crossing points. 

    In theory, it is possible for supporters to rush about from place to place and so see any given runner at several locations around the route. In practice, it is not at all easy to do this. However, our Cheering Point is easily accessible by direct DLR from Cutty Sark at Greenwich (just under 7 miles into the race) and to Canary Wharf and several other stations on the Isle of Dogs (15 to 20 miles).  The Overground gives a direct connection from Surrey Quays, which is very close to the Marathon route at just over 8 1/2 miles.  

    Please email if you plan to come. Many thanks.

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