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  • Introducing the TOFS 2017 London Marathon Runners

  • Published: Tue, 17th January 2017, 11:13:00 AM
  • Matt and Annabel

  • Matt, running for Annabel

    I’m Matt Mitchell, father to Annabel and Jack and married to my wife Beth.

    When I’m not working or busy with the children I enjoy many sports and being outside taking our dog for long walks in the beautiful Hampshire countryside.  Running the London Marathon is something I’ve wanted to achieve for a long time, and I’m extremely proud to be running it for the TOFS Charity which gave us so much support and vital information five years ago when Annabel was born with TOF/OA.

    So far marathon training is going well.  It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m going to use our brave TOF families' and children’s daily challenges as inspiration to proudly keep me going on the day.

    Sponsor Matt here

    Amy and Honor

  • Amy, running for Honor

    I’m Amy Swan, I live in Greenwich in London and I'll be 39 years old when I run the London Marathon in April.  The course starts one mile from my house and each year my family eagerly support all runners from the end of our road; the atmosphere is incredible.  I’ve always wanted to attempt it but have never been brave enough to try.  Thanks to TOFS, 2017 is my year! There's no other charity I'd want to run for.

    My niece Honor was born in January 2013.  A few hours after her arrival it was discovered that her trachea and oesophagus hadn’t formed properly.  She had surgery to re-construct her throat and chest, and was in ICU for two months.  Honor, my brother and his family have been steadfastly supported by TOFS from day one.

    I couldn't be happier to be running for TOFS - to ensure their amazing work continues and more families receive the love, care and attention that Honor and our family did.

    Sponsor Amy here

    Sarah and Edie

  • Sarah, running for Edie

    My daughter Edie was born short gap TOF/OA in September 2013.  She had a super fast labour and this complicated the diagnosis.  We were sent home from hospital with the nurses blaming her reluctance to feed on the mucus that was likely still in her system having shot out so fast.  A diligent midwife sent us back in when she was two days old and she was operated on at 3.5 days. 

    She was very weak, very small and very helpless.  I felt the same.  You’ll all be able to relate to that feeling of helplessness and the feeling too, of wanting to give back.  Of trying to say thank you some-how.  We are some of lucky ones.  Aside from severe reflux we’ve had very few issues and Edie is thriving.  But I know that’s not the case for so many others and I know what a lifeline TOFS is.  That’s why I’m running the marathon.  To say thank you and to help in whatever small way I can, those who need it more than we do.

    Sponsor Sarah here

    Richard and Tommy

  • Richard, running for Tommy

    Our son Tommy was born in October 2015 with TOF/OA.  Unable to breathe on his own, he was diagnosed shortly after birth and his first operation followed the next morning at Southampton University Hospital.  Since then, Tommy has had numerous further operations and his condition still affects him every day.  

    Having a child with any medical condition can be a scary and lonely experience.  We are slowly learning to work through the limitations of the condition and problems Tommy has.  Before his diagnosis, we, like so many people, had never heard of TOF but through the TOFS charity we have found not only useful advice and information, but have met other TOF families who go through the same experiences and struggles we do.  

    I am running the London Marathon is to raise money for TOFS to ensure they can continue to support other TOF families, like ours.

    Sponsor Richard here

    Gary and Joseph

  • Gary, running for Joseph

    7 years , 8 months, 25 days and 2 hours ago, our son Joseph was born in our local hospital.  As any new parents would be, we were over the moon to welcome our gorgeous son to the world.  Prior to becoming a dad I had thought about my child starting school, making friends, first heartbreak, the list goes on…  All seemed fine until a call from my wife at midnight saying that I needed to come quickly to see the doctors about Joseph.

    It was at that moment I was told there was problem with Joseph not being able to feed because his oesophagus was not formed correctly.  I then asked the doctor, “would he be okay?  to which the doctor didn’t really reply.  This is where time stood still.  Everything I’d worried about before now seemed insignificant.

    My motivation for running the 2017 London Marathon is to be able to support TOFS as they were one of three places, alongside the amazing NHS (big shout out to Ms A Van Der Avoirt) and Ronald McDonald housing, who got us through such a difficult time and we could not be without them to this day.

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